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SOTA SpotSMS Gateway

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sota logoI SOTA SpotSMS Gateway (versione italiana qui)

+39 366 2884598

(HA spotgateway - EA spotgateway)

What is this?

This is a gateway between and the mobile phone network. With help of it you can send spots via SMS to the SOTAwatch website.

How to use it?

Send your SMS to the +39 366 2884598 phone number using your SOTAwatch username and password.

This is a Italian mobile number, so it is international SMS from outside Italy. Please, check the costs!

SMS Example (full version) #1:

IZ3GME pw IQ3WW/P I/TN-302 14285 SSB op Marco

IZ3GME spots IQ3WW/P (using "IZ3GME" SOTAwatch registered callsign and "pw" password; the same as you use to post a spot on the web site), IQ3WW/P is on I/TN-302 SOTA summit and uses 14.285 MHz in SSB. Comment "op Marco"

SMS Example (short version with self-spot) #2:

IZ3GME pw * I/TN-302 7032 vy QRM

IZ3GME spots himself using his SOTAwatch registered callsign and "pw" password. He's on I/TN-302 SOTA summit and uses 7.032 MHz in CW. Comment "vy QRM"


Ok, I'm curious, how is made this gateway?
It's a linux system running on a  Raspberry with an internet dongle for SMS reception.
The software it'a a simple Perl script, written at beginning for hungarian gateway and kindly shared by it's autor in the best ham-spirit; it have been used by the spanish gateway then by us.
So really someone use it?
Yes! You can access usage stats here.

73 de IZ3GME Marco
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