Uscita la prima RC della versione 2.6.0 di WSJT-X:
Note di versione:
Release: WSJT-X 2.6.0-rc1
June 16, 2022
WSJT-X 2.6.0 Release Candidate 1 introduces support for the ARRL
International Digital Contest; performance enhancements for FT8, Q65,and EME Echo mode; new controls and options on the GUI; and severalbug fixes.
In program WSJT-X:
  • Improved decoding for FT8: additional messages are marked 'a7'
  • Improved decoding for Q65 when AP is in use
  • Optional new "Active Stations" window and other features supporting ARRL International Digital Contest
  • Accurate SNR measurements in Echo mode, including large Doppler spreads
  • Add mode selection buttons on main window for FT4, FT8, JT65, MSK144, and Q65
  • Add a button to toggle FT8's Hound mode ON or OFF
  • Add a "Clr Avg" button for Echo mode
  • Add optional highlighting of DX Call and DX Grid
  • Add optional highlighting of messages containing RR73 or 73
  • New options for writing to ALL.TXT: split the file yearly, monthly, or disable writing altogether
  • Add Russian to available translations of user interface
  • Add a 90 s Tune watchdog with optional disable
  • Allow auto reply for non-CQ messages via UDP (JTAlert, etc.) when Hold Tx Freq is enabled
  • Suppress transmission of blank messages
  • Suppress self-spotting when running multiple instances
  • Correct the handling of messages starting with "CQ xxxx ..."
  • Correct a flaw that could cause Windows to drop audio samples
  • Correct a flaw that could send incorrect frequencies to ALL.TXT and PSK Reporter after a band change
  • Correct the auto-sequencing logic in several specific circumstances
  • Correct a flaw in WSPR mode when handling three-character callsigns
  • Correct a flaw that could cause OmniRig 1.19 or later to set incorrect frequencies after initialization
  • Clean up some ToolTips
  • Fix an inconsistancy in the macOS installation package that caused the pwr slider to behave incorrectly on macOS 12
In program MAP65 (Windows only):
  • - Send additional information to file azel.dat
  • Allow optional scaling of digital I/Q data
  • Suppress a bounds error caused by too-wide setting of display bandwidth

Versioni precedenti

WSJT-X - 2.5.4 

Uscita nuova versione 2.5.4 di WSJT-X:
Note di versione:
Release: WSJT-X 2.5.4
January 3, 2022
This is a bug fix release. It has the following changes since
release 2.5.3:
  • - Repair a defect that caused occasional crashes when in QSO with stations using nonstandard callsigns.


  • Allow MAP65 "Best-fit Delta phi" solution to be displayed to the user.


WSJT-X - 2.5.1

Note di versione:
Release: WSJT-X 2.5.1 Oct 21, 2021
This release mainly contains improvements and defect repairs related to Q65 and JT65 modes when used with non-standard and compound calls. Also included is a new feature for microwave aircraft scatter and repairs for defects detected since the 2.5.0 GA release.
  • Improved Q65 support for 10GHz Aircraft Scatter contributed by Rex, VK7MO, and Roger, W3SZ. (See "10 GHz Terrestrial with Q65" in DUBUS Vol 1/2021 page 64.) Decodes of type 'q3' may now include corrections for frequency drift.
  • Repair a defect that failed to pre-load the DE and DX calls to the hash lookup tables in the Q65 decoder.
  • Repair standard message Tx4 and Tx5 generation in Q65 mode when using a non-standard call.
  • Repair a defect in generation of the standard Tx2 JT65 message in EME mode when using a compound call.
  • Repair a defect when decoding 77-bit type 4 non-standard call message.
  • Repair a defect that could cause a crash when switching from Q65 to JT65 mode and attempting a double-click decode.
  • Enable 'q3' AP decoding in Q65 mode for messages containing a non-standard call.
  • Repair a defect that required a blank DX Grid to achieve Q65 'q3' decodes of messages containing a non-standard call.
  • Repair the logic that sets parameters for Q65 "Deep" decoding.
  • In Q65 mode, allow 'q2' decodes when MyCall is compound or non-standard.
  • Repair a long-standing defect that could cause a crash when reference spectrum correction is enabled.
  • Updated UI translations from Xavi, EA3W, Oba-san, JA7UDE, and a new translation for Traditional Chinese by Steven, BU2EL.
  • Updated CTY.DAT database, tnx to Jim AD1C
  • Improved main window layout to ensure TxN messages are fully visible.



WSJT-X v. 2.5.0